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AGHBALOU - The Source of Water (coming soon) 



Chouette Films new documentary about the never ending quest for water in one of the driest habitats on earth.

In the face of an increasingly hostile and unpredictable climate, Aghbalou: The Source of Water combines a local story of struggle and neglect with a global call to action against the growing challenges of sustaining water and fighting poverty.

The oases of the Todgha Valley in Southern Morocco have successfully sustained livelihoods and agriculture for centuries through an ancient and elaborate system of underground channels, but today new threats and challenges are facing these age-old communities. The film aims to tell the story of people and their individual aspirations for a better future amid the swirl of challenges facing the area: population growth, groundwater over-extraction, emigration, climate change and unequal development, among others. The film explores irrigation practices in the Todgha Valley, a river oasis on the southern slopes of the High Atlas Mountains, revealing how agricultural developments can be both an opportunity and a possible threat to the rural poor. It looks at the future of agriculture in the region and presents potential strategies to adapt to growing water scarcity.

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