Non-profit, charity, academic and public sectors need powerful, reproducible messages and content to engage society and inspire action.

We have seen too many organisations struggle to produce their own films in-house, weakening the impact of their message by compromising on quality. 

As professional filmmakers with a resource-efficient business model, our films are effective and affordable. By commissioning a film with us, organisations are choosing a cost-effective way to better engage society and achieve their social goals.



Nothing is more important to social organisations than inspiring action. We combine your knowledge and values with our story-telling talent and experience to express your message in a way that inspires people to get involved.

Our ground-breaking documentaries, videos and animations are produced to engage, educate, and be shared, creating awareness, raising support, and calling the public to action.



The stronger your story, the further it travels. Thanks to the video we make for you, more people will know about your work and seek to replicate it in their own communities.

We build relationships with charitable, non-profit, academic, and public sectors, pooling our skills to strengthen their message. We make sure the good ideas of these organisations get the momentum they need to get out into the world and make a significant difference.