Non-profit organisations, public sector and the world of academia have a lot in common with documentary filmmakers - they all share the same passion for change.

We believe that real change can only happen when we start collaborating across different sectors. When we make such an alliance documentaries become a powerful force for change that are transformative, inspiring people and organisations to engage and act.



Once a year we produce a film about something we strongly believe in, working in partnership with an organisation selected by a cross-sector panel. This way, we can give back in a mutually beneficial way by creating an effective campaign to catalyse a necessary change.

Our collaborative productions have taken us from the peaks of the High Atlas Mountains to the depths of the ancient Khettara channels, from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to the caves of the Red Sea Coptic Monasteries, the meandering rivers and wetlands of Casamance in Senegal and the tropical forest of Mozambique.

Through these collaborations we’ve contributed to preserving ancient irrigation tunnels (khattaras); to giving voice to the marginalised waste pickers of the city of São Paulo; and to breaking the misconception of Africa being tribal, isolated and underdeveloped.


For each production, Chouette Films works in close partnership with a collaborator who would not normally be able to produce a film for themselves. Collaborators, usually a charity, NGO or an academic working in the field, provide however much input they wish, whether just by providing a spark to be researched and developed by our team, or by providing their own detailed research and storyline. Chouette Films supplies the filmmaking skills, equipment and imagination.


Chouette Films has a qualified and experienced crew, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for every production. Beyond this, if your project involves filming internationally, we recruit local crew in order to generate employment and draw on local knowledge and expertise.


Upon completion, each project then lands on your desk ready for distribution. With our support, you can choose to submit the final product to relevant film festivals, approach potential distributors, sell it to generate revenue, organise public and online screenings, create campaigns around the issue the film deals with, or simply upload it onto your website. Once you have something to show, there is no limit to how you can share it. 


Chouette Films has been honoured as a 2013 Laureate Global Fellow for building Social Inclusion through film by the Sylvan/Laureate Foundation joined with the International Youth Foundation through its YouthActionNet® program.